7 Best Screen Protectors for iPhone X

The main starring feature of iPhone X is its OLED display. Apple finally switched to this latest technology of OLED. It's bezel less retina display is itself a remarkable thing in iPhone X. This technology is introduced first time by Apple group in iPhone X. However, with this technology, it means iPhone X display becomes more sensitive and far easier to scratch or crack than any other product of Apple in past.

best iphone x screen protectors

If you want to keep you iPhone X screen immaculate or primeval, you just need to buy a good screen protector for your iPhone X. You must ensure that to buy a good screen protector and apply it after unboxing of new iPhone X. For this, we have arranged a list of good protectors currently available in the market.

Note: This is not only the screen protectors available in the market, due to the recent launch of iPhone X. Updated list will available in future soon.

Best 7 Screen Guards and Screen Protectors for iPhone X

1. Olycism Screen Protectors for iPhone X

best screen protector for iphone x

It's also similar with the TOZO Glass protector. This protector is thinner 0.3mm and gives you very smooth silky touch display. It provides 98% transparency to your phone. Furthermore, these protectors are shatterproof and tempered glass which will secure your iPhone X display with minor bumps, scratches and drop as well. It is available in the market with 90 days warranty return policy in case you don't like it.

Available on Amazon ($5.99)

2. ESR Glass Protectors for iPhone X

iphone x screen protector

The problem arises when you use full display coverage screen protectors that it will not work in few cases. Most of the screen protector is raised little bit from the edges to protect the screen in case of cell phone drops. In case full display coverage screen protectors will not work then it's better to use simple screen protectors, which are not curved. ESR is currently providing the best simple shatterproof, tempered and anti-smudge coating protectors. These protectors are very helpful if you are using a case with it.

Available on Amazon ($8.99 pack of two)

3. TOZO Glass Protector for iPhone X

glass protector for iphone x

As the 2.5D technology used in iPhone X by Apple and it seamlessly curves around the display till to metal frame. It means conventional and local glass protectors will not work on it. But thanks to TOZO, the glass protector easily curves around the screen edges and finally it meets the metal body frame of the iPhone X. TOZO glass protector consists of two materials i..e PET and glass (Tempered), which makes it really tough. The additional benefit is the anti-oil nano fingerprints coating, due to which screen will not smudge and this thing makes TOZO screen protectors the best.

Available on Amazon ($8.99)

4. Orzero Screen Tempered Glass Protectors

tempered glass for iphone x

Orzero is offering both hydrophobic and oleo phobic coatings. Glass protectors of full display coverage provided 99% transparency of display. It comes in smudge free coating as well as with lint dry cloth, dust remover, and screen wipe. The interesting thing is that company provides a lifetime warranty for the customers which are unsatisfied.

Available on Amazon ($7.99 pack of three)

5. MoKo Tempered Glass Screen Protectors with 4D coverage

tempered glass protector for iphone x

Moko is also offering full display coverage glass protectors with the CNC technology, which provided exact fit on the edges of iPhone X. Its transparency rate 99% with the precision fit on the screen. Just like others, it has features like anti-scratching, smudges free and tempered Glass oleo phobic coatings. Its anti-scratching coating protects your iPhone X from the scratches occurs due to keys or any other metal objects in pockets.

Available on Amazon ($13.99)

6. MoKo HD Glass Protector for iPhone X

iphone x tempered glass protector

Moko screen protectors are just like ESR's screen protectors and one of the best protectors available in the market, which are thinner, lighter and transparent. After applying this, you will not notice that some protector is applied on your iPhone X. It's very helpful in resisting smudge, oil, watermarks and from scratches on your iPhone X due to oleo phobic coatings.

($7.99 pack of two) Available on Amazon

7. LK Screen Glass Protector for iPhone X

best tempered glass protector for iphone x

The most economical screen protectors are available in the market which comes in bulk. The company provided a packet of four glass protectors in very reasonable price. It is good for those people who usually break glass protectors frequently. It has same features like the others, anti-smudge coatings, anti-scratch, oleo phobic and slightly curved to the edges. It didn't provide full coverage to display of iPhone X. But with 99% transparency, this is the best product you can get at this price.

Available on Amazon ($7.99 pack of four)

What screen protector do you like among these? We know you must have an existing one, but these are top notch, let us tell you, and they’ll be perfect for your upcoming device.