Top 6 Business Intelligence iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs

Mobile BI (business intelligence) was once recognized as a cool feature, but now companies crave it. When you have it, your company is no longer confined to the 4 walls. The apps enable employees to make key business decisions remotely. Here are the top mobile business intelligence apps for entrepreneurs who own an iPhone.

Business Intelligence iPhone Apps

Top iPhone Business Intelligence Apps for Entrepreneurs

Below are the top business intelligence iPhone apps to download in 2019

#1: MobiWeave

This app, known as Mobi Office, has top-notch viewing capacity. It allows users to see SharePoint charts and reports via their mobile. The user can also see and download reports from several reporting servers. Furthermore, it offers history features and bookmark for simple browser navigation. The improved functionality is best for your iPhone price. You can download it from App Store.

#2: Jaspersoft

This open-source app is used as a BI platform across a range of devices. It includes an ad-hoc design environment which allows users to create dashboards and reports quickly. Jaspersoft allows security management through its server-side authentication. You have a range of choices and depending on your company’s demands, you can choose one.

#3: Cyfe

The app is ideal for any small business company, offering users several analytics tools. Business dashboards are the main attraction of this app. They’re easy to set up, and people can utilize the pre-made widgets to connect to various sites. It connects with social media platforms as well as sales and marketing platforms, Salesforce, Google Analytics and Twitter being a few examples. You can download this app from the official website.

#4: MicroStrategy

This app can deliver interactive scorecards and dashboards through business intelligence. The highlight is that it is able to prevent visualized details on an LED display or TV by combining efforts with the Airplay app. Although manufacturers like HTC price and Samsung are affordable, the iPhone can be your best bet because the mobile BI apps enable a lot of opportunities. Download MicroStrategy from App Store.

#5: Yellowfin

This app delivers personalized dashboards that can be used to customize the BI tools according to one’s requirements. The app is a client-based BI app, so users can create their own dashboard and reports, which can be accessed from any platform. You get both offline and online accessibility to charts, etc. Visit the official website to download Yellowfin.

#6: Roambi

This mobile BI app, which is a product of Roambi Analytics, enables entrepreneurs to integrate it with SAP, Microsoft Excel and other systems. The app’s amazing graphics are its most appealing feature. They are crisp, colorful and rich, so enhancing presentations become easy. There are also interactive and faster charts.

With these mobile BI apps, you can facilitate customer data, real-time profit and sales in dashboards and access them anytime via your iPhone.