How to Download Instagram Videos on iPhone

Instagram is one of the most popular photo and vine sharing platforms. The videos on Instagram are usually restricted to 15 seconds only since vine genre of videos are preferred on this media. Previously, the photos used to be square shaped only but now users can upload regular sized photos on Instagram. People upload videos on Instagram to keep memories alive, however sometimes it might feel like having a video downloaded from Instagram to a smartphone device. Thankfully, iPhones and iPads offer the option and the user needs to have an OS above iOS 7 for this to work.

Download instagram videos on iPhone

Top Apps to Download Instagram Videos on iPhone

Typically, downloading Instagram videos on iPhone or iPad work in two ways – by using the Instagram video downloading apps available in the marketplace, or by using some generic video downloader available for all platforms using iOS. Both ways work like a charm and gets the purpose of saving video done.

#1: InstaSave

InstaSave is a dedicated app for Instagram video saving purpose, and it’s legally available on the Apple App Store, no further procedure on the handset like jailbreaking is required to get this app working. The videos are downloaded into the iPhone or iPad and saved into the storage for further watching, while being offline. To share Instagram videos with friends and family without even being connected to internet, InstaSave could come handy. Not just videos from someone’s own profile but InstaSave offers the ability to download a video clip from someone else’s account as well, as long as the account is open for all. Some features of this app includes:

  • Fast and easy video saving from Instagram.
  • Download multiple videos simultaneously for faster saving.
  • Video and photos could be searched on InstaSave using Hashtags.
  • iOS 5.1.1+ OS is required for InstaSave to run.

This app isn’t free though, InstaSave is available on the App Store for $2.99. Only first time download requires an active international credit card info, further downloads of the same app using the same iTunes ID is free.

#2: iBolt Video Downloader

Unlike InstaSave, iBolt Video Downloader is a universal platform for video downloads from various social networking sites. iBolt Video Downloader could download videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more, there’s even a Pro version which offers much more customized way to download videos and also an effective manager for keeping the saved videos organized in your device.

However, apart from downloading the videos iBolt Video Downloader offers the options to password protect them as well. A separate gallery for secret or personal videos could be made and videos of all format could be saved using this app. Some of the currently supported formats are – mp4, m4v, mov etc. iBolt Video Downloader connects to cloud storage services directly, and the stored videos could be stored in these storage spaces without any issue at all.


Apart from these two options, a lot more should be available on the App Store for downloading videos from Instagram. And if you are savvy enough and good with HTML, you could figure out ways to directly download the videos from Instagram web interface as well.