Fix Android File Transfer Not Working Error on Mac OS

If you are facing problems while transferring files from your Mac to your Android phone, you are not alone. A lot of people have encountered the same problem while performing any data transfer from or to Android. There are a lot of reasons for this inconvenience. Sometimes, you get an error message that there is no mobile phone connected to the computer system. On the other hand, sometimes you cannot transfer any files even your device is connected to the system. Today we will cover all the topics to give you solutions to every problem related this topic.

android file transfer not working

What to Do if Android File Transfer is Not Working?

If you get error messages or you are unable to transfer the files from your Android or Mac, don’t worry about it. We will tell you a step by step procedure of how you can get rid of this error message.

1. Configuring Android File Transfer

Attach your Android device with the computer using a USB cable. If you are unable to see your connected device on the computer, you will have to set up the Android File Transfer. Have a look at the following procedure.

android file transfer mac

  1. At the Beginning of all, go to Settings app on your phone and click on the Storage option.
  2. Here on the top right corner, you will see three vertical dots. Click on it.
  3. Here you will go to the USB computer connection.
  4. Here you will see different options. Tick the box of Media device (MTP) option.
  5. Now connect your mobile phone again with your computer using a USB cable, and it will hopefully work for you.

2. Checking the USB cable

android file transfer not working on mac

Another reason why you are getting file transfer error messages is unsupported USB cable. Sometimes, the USB cable is not ready or supported for android files transfer. Similarly, some USB cables work on some specific android devices with their file transfer version. You can check different types of USB cable including different versions and different supported USB cable. Also, make sure that your USB cable port is working well. If your android phone has damaged USB port, it won’t work until you repair it. To check it, you can try different types and versions of USB cable. If nothing works for you, consider checking the USB port by the mobile support.

3. Enabling USB Debugging

In case if you are not able to work with your USB cable through Android File Transfer, you can enable USB debugging on your android phone. To enable the USB debugging option, you will first have o turn on the developer options. Simply go to Settings and click on About Device in the bottom. Here you will see Build Number of your mobile. Repeatedly click on it until you get a popup message. Now go to Developer Options in settings and click on USB debugging. Now follow the process to complete the file transfer.

  • Connect your device to your computer system using a USB cable and unlock your phone.
  • From the notification bar, click on USB for charging. Now select File transfers.
  • Now lock it and unlock it to use the file transfer feature on your android phone using the USB debugging feature.

Before deciding either of the methods mentioned above, make sure your USB cable is working well, and your mobile USB port is not damaged. After this, you can try any of the above methods according to your problems.