How to Verify if your iPhone is Refurbished, New or a Replaced?

Purchasing a used iPhone or getting a new iPhone form an unverified source, and you want to verify its condition. There is a simple way to verify if your iPhone model is new or a refurbished model or a replacement model. The replacement model are usually iPhone that are replaced by Apple itself when you request it. A store replaced model from Best Buy or Amazon have a chance of being another new model than being a replacement model.

check if iphone is refurbished

You can easily verify if your iPhone Model is New with an identifier that also works with iPad. The identifier will help you to check the iPhone whether albeit a refurbished or a replaced model, it can even tell you that whether the iPhone was a personal engraved model. Having this information can save you before buying a used iPhone, so that you can verify if your iPhone Model is new when first time purchased. Or was it a refurbished iPhone that the seller is selling, therefore, it can save you from getting scammed.

Verify if your iPhone Model is New, Refurbished or Other

It is a pretty easy and simple step to identify the model. You just have to check the prefix of the model number. Each of the prefix will tell you the condition of the Apple device, whether it is an iPhone, iPad or even an iPod.

Step 1: Go to Settings app from your iPhone or Apple device

Step 2: Then select the General tab and then select the About option.

Step 3: Now you will have to locate the Model and note the model identifier prefix next to the model number. The Model number would start with a letter, it would look like this MXXXXXX/X. The prefix of the modal is actually the identifier that lets you know or verify if your iPhone Model is new, refurbished, replaced or personalized. So check out what each of the character or prefix means for your Apple device. If the prefix or the first character begins with:

know if iphone is refurbished

M - The Apple device is a brand New model, thus it was purchased as a new device.

F - The Apple device is Refurbished, though it does not specify whether the model was refurbished with minor repairs or an open-box item.

N - The Apple device is a Replacement model, it means that the Apple user have replaced its device with this replacement model from the Apple Store request.

P - The Apple device is Personalized model, it means that the user who purchased this model had it engraved with a personalized message when purchasing the device. So technically the device would be a new model.

Alternatively, you can check if your iPhone is refurbished, replaced or new using a IMEI checker. You can use this imei check website.

There you go, these 4 prefix will help you identify the model case of your Apple device whether it be an iPhone or an iPad. Though, there is a probable chance that Apple has more identifier prefix that we currently do not know of. These other prefix identifier can be used to tag Apple Models for store display only or a demo model.

Let us know in the comments below if you have noticed other prefixes than the aforementioned. Also, do comment below what is your Model?