Learn how to Authorize Computer in iTunes

You need to authorize your computer before you can start using iTunes. Authorizing your computer will link it to your existing Apple ID and provide you access to all iTunes features. Though music on iTunes doesn’t have digital rights management or DRM attached anymore, content and features are still subject to DRM and licensing. That is why iTunes allows only authorized computers to access such content.

authorize computer in itunes

You can learn how to authorize a computer on iTunes by following these simple steps.

How to authorize computer on iTunes using Windows

  1. Launch iTunes and then click on the small icon appearing in the window’s top-left corner.
  2. Hover over Store and it’ll make a drop-down menu appear.
  3. Click on Authorize This Computer.
  4. Enter your Apple ID details.
  5. Click on Authorize.

How to authorize computer on iTunes on Mac

authorize computer in itunes on mac

  1. Open up iTunes and then go to Store present in the menu bar appearing in the top-left corner of the computer screen.
  2. Simply click on ‘Authorize This Computer’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Proceed to entering your Apple ID email and password.
  4. Click on Authorize to finalize the whole procedure.

You can also deauthorize computers on iTunes. You might need to do this is you throw away your old computer or want to change the devices currently present in your list of max-five-computers-authorization limit by Apple.

How to Deauthorize a Computer in iTunes

Follow these steps to deauthorize your computer.

  1. Open iTunes (on either Mac or Windows) and go to Store.
  2. Click on Deauthorize This Computer.
  3. Enter your Apple ID details.
  4. Click on the Deauthorize option to confirm your action.

You can also deauthorize all computers. You can do this by clicking on your name present in the iTunes window and then clicking on Account Info. Simply click on Deauthorize All to complete your action.

You can only deauthorize computers by yourself once per year. You’ll have to contact Apple customer support if you want to do it twice or more open as they will then do it for you.

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