Reduce Chrome Ram Memory Usage on Mac & Windows

Despite having a good reputation of being one of the fastest web browser, Google Chrome has one serious drawback – it’s very negatively known for taking up a lot of RAM on computers, especially on the older ones which struggle to manage the RAM since they typically run on lower resources.

reduce chrome ram usage

If you’re going through the same, you are not alone. Plenty of people are having the same struggle every day, but fortunately there are some easy tweaks to reduce Google Chrome’s memory usage as well.

Use Chrome Task Manager to Reduce Ram Memory Usage

Google considers the web to be a whole different world than the computer’s local operations, and they have included a built in task manager for the Google Chrome browser. The Google Chrome Task Manager looks almost the same as the Windows Task manager’s Processes window.

  • To open the built in Task Manager in Google Chrome, right click on an empty space on the tabs bar. From the tiny menu that appears, click on the ‘Task Manager’ button. Alternately, you could also press Shift and Esc buttons together while being inside Google Chrome.
  • Once the Task Manager opens, you will be given with an overall overview on the running processes on Google Chrome, along with their memory usage. If your browsing is freezing, find out the tab with most memory usage. Select the tab, and click on End Task from the bottom.
  • You could have a more in depth insight by right clicking inside the Task Manager window and selecting a new tab from the available ones.
  • Also, the Stat for Nerds button in bottom offers some statistics regarding Google Chrome’s available resource usage.

Reduce Chrome Memory Usage Using Extensions

There are few extensions in the Google Chrome extension store which would do great RAM management in the background, without the user even knowing about an ongoing process.

#1: The Great Suspender Extension

The Great Suspender is very well known as a memory usage reduction tool in Google Chrome. To install this extension, open the Google App Store and search for ‘The Great Suspender’. Click on the blue ‘Add to Chrome’ button once you find the extension, and it will be installed.

However, after the installation completes click Settings on the page that appears, and make necessary adjustments to the settings. Afterwards, when The Great Suspender would suspend a webpage, it will have an overlay of text saying ‘Tab Suspended’ and clicking on the page will reactivate the tab.

#2: One Tab Extension

One tab is another reputed extension for the job. Install One Tab from the Google App Store following similar procedures. Once installed, the extension icon will be placed on the top bar of Google Chrome.

Afterwards, your Google Chrome will have only one tab open at a time and the rest of the tabs will go into One Tab extension as an active link. When you click on some website’s link from One Tab extension, that one will be loaded and the previously opened tab will be put into One Tab drawer.

Conclusion: These are great ways of managing memory in Google Chrome in much smarter ways. However, if your computer has high end hardware resources, none of these would be necessary.