Use The Text Replacement On Mac In Order To Type Faster

If you are someone who writes for a living or if you are a bank employee who has to tackle the finances of the bank, then it is very obvious that you have to spend more than half of your time in front of the computer.

use text replacement on mac

Now, as a writer or a finance manager, you will have to write one same thing over and over again for example, you might have to enter a particular email ID daily or you might have to enter an address on daily basis for about ten to twenty times. Now, let’s face it, writing an email over and over again can be exhausting and wouldn’t you love the idea of the computer completing the text for you all by itself?

Think of it for a while, let’s say you put “@” in the text and the computer automatically completes the email address for you? Isn’t is amazing? Well, if this is what you want then you’ve got to stick to this article a little longer because today we are going to jot down how you can use text replacement on Mac in order to type faster.

Before getting into all the process, let’s first talk about text replacement and what it actually is.

Text Replacement

This term is also known as text expansion in other words, it basically is a process in which you type in a shortcut or snippet and then it automatically gets converted into a longer text just as per your setting. We just gave you the example of how an “@” gets converted into a complete email address, well, this is what text replacement is all about. Now the best thing about this process is that it can be done for any text you want, you can do it for typos, you can make it work for products and even names.

The Process Of Setting Up Text Replacement on Mac

Step 1: Open up your Mac and go on the desktop, there you will see an Apple icon on the top, you have to click on it and then move towards the option that says “system preferences”.

mac text replacement

Step 2: There you will find plenty of options but you have to go for the keyboard section and then navigate straight towards the text section.

Step 3: Now, look on the left part of your screen and there you will find two options saying “replace” and “with”.

enable text replacement on mac

Step 4: Now go to the bottom right and click on the + icon there.

Step 5: Here you have to type in your shortcut and then go to the “with” section and write the full form of the shortcut over there.

use text replacement on mac

The only problem of text replacement is that it won’t work with browsers like Chrome so if you cannot get rid of using Chrome then unfortunately you won’t be able to use the shortcuts.

A Few Tips For Text Expansion

If you are new to this term then here are a few tips that can help you to get the best out of the text replacement process.

  • Keep the snippets limited and only use 4 to 5 letters and do not include dictionary words in your snippet.
  • Create snippets for your misspelled words too like if you ever type “teh”, your computer should be able to fix it right at the spot and make it “the”.

Use these tips in text replacement and we assure you that you are going to be typing faster than ever.